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Maywide Won Bid for BI Project of Fujian Broadcasting & TV Network

       With years of experience and achievements on digital transformation of enterprises, Maywide successfully won bid for the operation data portal system project of Fujian Broadcasting & TV Network in February 2020.

  We will build an integrated big data management platform for data acquisition, data analysis and data display according to the exact operation and business development of Fujian Broadcasting & TV Network. The platform will unify data portal and data standard, introduce standard data quality management and collect a variety of data sources to be the core of enterprise data, and provide data support based on business scenarios for all departments of enterprises. With access to reports through PC or mobile, the project can conduct diversified chart analysis, drilling analysis, multi-dimensional analysis, custom analysis, instant analysis, etc. It can provide strong support for decision-making, carry out more efficient aggregation, analysis and display of data. It can also connect people, business scenarios and data intelligently, fully tap and display the data advantages and value of customers.

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