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Maywide was Awarded Excellent Supplier of Hunan Unicom in 2019

  At the beginning of April, China Unicom Hunan Branch released The Announcement of Post Evaluation Results of Hunan Unicom's Suppliers in 2019, that Maywide was awarded Excellent Supplier of Hunan Unicom in 2019. It is due to years of support experience and high-quality service in the field of large video that Maywide gained high recognition from customers and outperformed more than 300 suppliers.

  In June 2019, the integrated business management platform that we customized for Hunan Unicom was officially put into commercial use, and the system has been running stably since its launch. With Internet thinking, the platform can get through off-line sales process of IPTV value-added goods to meet rapid development of customers and personalized operation of various businesses. Since it was put into use, we have provided 7 * 24-hour online support services to help customers greatly improve user satisfaction and business income.

  With years of experience in the large video industry, Maywide can better understand the business demands and operation environment of new media. In the era of post "double authentication and accounting ", we will provide more valuable products and solutions that enable customers to achieve sustainable development.

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