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Maywide Worked with Hubei Radio & Television Information Networkv to Ensure Anti-epidemic Publicity

  In the face of the novel coronavirus epidemic, broadcasting & TV people worked in the forefront of epidemic prevention and control publicity. In order to ensure smooth development of various business and work of Hubei broadcasting & TV network, Maywide lost no time to work out emergency plan, and set up emergency response team of the project to provide customized services for specified demands.

  During the epidemic outbreak, our team in Wuhan support center has been staying at the station and providing 24-hour online support services, which has been well recognized and appraised by our customers. The online business processing channels such as WeChat and Alipay were launched urgently in Hubei province within two days, which solved problems of user payment and inconvenience of business processing due to the lockdown of Hubei province. Meanwhile, authorization of extension were provided for subscribers whose account were due or become due, as well as to provide subscribers with non-termination services, so that the epidemic prevention and control publicity could be delivered to thousands of households in time.

  We base in Guangzhou and connect all operation support centers all over the country, strictly follow the local requirements of epidemic prevention, and provide timely online support for operation and maintenance of each system, so as to guarantee smooth development of various businesses for customers. At such a time of crisis, Maywide people stick to their posts and devote every effort to provide strong operation and maintenance support for broadcasting & TV operators. We build strong backing with superb technologies and work hand-in-hand with you to overcome difficulties together!

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